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 Welcome to the Zagorska Bodycare Oasis...My First Blog!

Welcome to the Zagorska Bodycare Oasis...My First Blog!

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 12th Oct 2014

I'm a little nervous about starting a blog, but I've found through homeschooling my kids that I love to connect and educate, and if I can help people live happier, healthier, and possibly safer lives, well then, here I am!  

First, full disclosure: I haven't always lived an organic, healthy lifestyle, and I'm still not perfect, but I have accepted that it's an ongoing process...sometimes I still eat that doughnut that calls my name and was probably fried in GMO oil, or buy that gorgeous shade of lipstick that I just can't resist (fetish #1:  lipstick), even if it's not a natural brand.  It happens. 

 But, if I can make the right choice MOST of the time, I know my life will be better, overall.  I know you, too, want to lead a more natural and healthy lifestyle, but who has the time to do all the research?  To read EVERY label?  To research EVERY ingredient?  I do.  It's my business, and my passion.  While I don't know everything, I do know a lot, and I want to share that knowledge with you.  Our lives are hectic, and I want to remove a little bit of the stress and anxiety that comes with using bodycare products..wondering "What's IN this?  What the heck is a paraben, anyway?!"  Did you know the average woman applies 500 chemicals to her body every day?!  500.  Toxic chemicals that you would not put in your body if you knew what they were and what they did to you.  

Let's face it, toxins are everywhere in our modern world, and there is no way to completely avoid them, but we can limit our exposure and flush the existing toxins from our bodies with the right products and knowledge.  That is my help you achieve a cleaner, more informed lifestyle, without the worry, without spending hours on the internet researching.  THAT is the purpose of Zagorska Bodycare Oasis.  An oasis.  What does it bring to mind for you?  A place of safety, of regeneration, of life.  Abundant life.  A place to rest easy, free of anxiety, to refresh yourself before heading back out into that crazy world.  It's here.  A little oasis.  

It all begins with baby steps.  Maybe for you, that means you switch from using a chemical-laden antiperspirant that is pouring hormone disruptors into your lymph nodes to Zagorska Detox Deodorant.  Or you stop using that overpriced, big-name-but-it's-still-mostly-water-and-chemical-junk and open a jar of Anti-Oxidant Rich Favorite Face Cream and smell what real oils and natural ingredients smell like, and feel like, for the first time in your life.  Make the change, in your own time, however you can.  Change is hard, I know, but this kind of change is worth it.  I can tell you, once you feel and see the effects of clean living, you will be motivated to continue.  Give yourself a chance...Zagorska is just one facet of this change, but it's one you know is there for you, that you can rely on and feel good about.  I've done all the work for you.  Rest're in the oasis.