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A Letter to my Customers...

A Letter to my Customers...

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 21st Jul 2015

A letter to my customers...


I love my customers, who I consider my friends, and I will always be honest with you.

My passion lies in formulating natural and non-toxic skin and bodycare creations, and when I decided to elevate Zagorska to a business, my goal was to offer products of the highest quality and purity that were not only natural, but largely organic, and effective. I wanted a non-toxic line of just about every product the average person would use on a regular basis. I also desired these products to be within reach of all people, and priced them accordingly. This was my dream.

The little boutique has been open for over a year now, and not only have I not been able to make any profit, but am, in fact, losing money. This despite working six days a week doing everything from extensive ingredient research, to product and label design and production, to product photography, to website design and maintenance, to in-store salesperson, to social marketing and blogging, and on top of that, the plethora of nuts and bolts of running your own business. It's just not sustainable.

Still, I am not discouraged. I believe in Zagorska with my whole heart, but it is clear that I must make substantial changes...a metamorphosis.

-Many products will be phased out. I am currently using over 300 ingredients to make all the products, each of which must be tracked, ordered, and inventoried. Every individual product also requires its own container and label which must also be tracked, ordered or created, and inventoried, so I'm going to consolidate the number and types of containers, as well. I must simplify.

-I will be reformulating most or all of the remaining products. My skills have grown exponentially as a formulator in the last few years, and I want to apply that knowledge to live up to my standard of offering the finest natural and non-toxic products on the market. Also, as demand for natural and organic products keeps increasing, there are several ingredients available to me that didn't exist when I created most of my products several years ago.

-I've redesigned my logo to represent this metamorphosis. I can't help but feel captivated that my mermaid logo resembles a butterfly newly emerged from its cocoon! I've made 'Zagorska' all uppercase letters, because ZAGORSKA...and changed the color to gold to represent the quality and luxury you experience. 'Bodycare Oasis' is now simply oasis, as our oasis lies inside each of us...a place of purity, tranquility and beauty, free from tension or anxiety. An inner refuge of languid renewal and bliss. Using Zagorska will help you find your way there, with relief from toxins, stress, and worry about what is really going on your skin and in your body. Zagorska is also a place of lush well-being, sometimes of indulgent luxury. I want every person to find their own oasis, and my hope is that Zagorska helps you on your path.

-Expect to see newly redesigned labels, and a more uniform look. I want you to know it's Zagorska just by looking at it! And the label design + containers will more accurately reflect the quality of what's inside.

-The biggest change will be in pricing, which will increase dramatically(expect product prices raised 200-300%). The new prices will take effect on September 1st.

-I need more time in my workshop. This transformation is going to require a sustained period of intense work and concentration. So, beginning next week, I will be available in the boutique on Fridays Noon-6pm only. You may make an appointment with me for a private consultation on other days(except Sundays) but a $250 minimum purchase is required, and a $100 reservation fee will be charged that will be returned upon purchase.

My greatest regret is that I know I will lose some of my wonderful customers who won't be able to afford these new prices. Still, I'd like to put these prices in perspective. I did a little research online to see what most people are buying and how much they are paying. I chose one product that almost everyone uses: face cream.

Here's what I found:

-Avon's biggest selling face cream is $38/oz and its first three ingredients are:
1. water
2. silicone
3. glycerin(I'm going to assume it is a petroleum-sourced glycerin vs. the natural plant-based organic glycerin I use),
and the list continues with several petroleum-derived ingredients.

-The most popular face cream on Lush is $42/1.7oz or $24.71/oz, and its first three ingredients are:
1. water
2. glycerin(petroleum-derived)
3.another petroleum-based ingredient

-Lastly, I checked Ulta, and found its best seller costs $60/2oz or $30/oz and is composed of:
1. water
2. silicone
3. glycerin(petroleum-derived), again, followed by more petro-based ingredients and fillers.

Do you see a pattern?
Natural? No.
Organic? Not even trying.
Non-toxic? No way.

The least expensive face cream is almost $25/oz. These are mass-produced in factories and made with petrochemicals, toxins, and fillers. Did you notice the first ingredient for all of them is water (which means they are made of mostly water)?

Let's compare them to my Anti-Oxidant Rich Favorite Face Cream:

Favorite Face Cream: $28/2oz or $14/oz and the first three ingredients are:
1. organic jojoba oil
2. organic, raw shea butter
3. organic virgin coconut oil.
These nutrient-rich oils and butters are followed by several more botanicals and actives until you get to the 12th ingredient, which is a botanical aqueous infusion, then aloe vera juice. Every ingredient I use has a benefit for your skin and body. Even 10 jars of the synthetic face creams listed above wouldn't give you the same moisturizing, nourishing, and healing effect from one jar of Zagorska.

When developing my products, I use the highest grade organic and natural ingredients available, and I use them in high concentrations. I don't make formula decisions based on the cost of the ingredients, but rather their effectiveness and the results they yield. I never use fillers or water, ever. My products are not mass produced, but each one is hand crafted by me with all the care I can put into it, after months of research and testing.

I design and create artisanal, luxury skin and body care, and to use it is an elevating experience, but then I sell it at drug store prices...and it's plainly not viable. I must be able to sustainably support my business. Still, I love my customers...this posh little tribe in our secret once a year I will have a 24 hour sale in August, beginning in 2016. It will be an unlimited buy-one-get-one free sale. On every product I make, as many as you want! It's my thank-you for all the love and support you have shown me as you've walked beside me on this journey to bring my dream to fruition.

With deepest gratitude,