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Drunken Soap 2015

Drunken Soap 2015

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 3rd Dec 2015

It's an annual tradition to make a batch of soap with my bestie while enjoying Christmas music and cocktails. 

The first year, we threw everything but the kitchen sink in that soap, and while it cured, we decided that if it came out of the mold a disaster, we could blame it on the drinks.

The soap was a hit with family and friends, and 'Drunken Soap' was born!

We do something new every year. This year, we used micas in peacock feather colors and a Tahitian vanilla + oats, milk n' honey scent. 

It really wasn't ready to be unmolded yet, but the anticipation was killing me!

For drinks this year, we made hot coffee Americanos with a selection of liqueurs, including brandy, praline pecan liqueur, pumpkin pie liqueur, & chocolate whipped cream vodka. 

You know...girlie drinks.

Then we used those drinks to wash down some homemade lemon buttermilk pie I made earlier that night. 

Yeah, it was a good night. ;)

And another successful batch of Drunken Soap!