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Wild Rabbit Stew

Wild Rabbit Stew

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 26th Jun 2015

After last week's blog about Guys & Grilled Rattlesnake, I'm a little afraid you're going to think we spend all our time killing and eating wild critters on our property!  Really, we don't. But, we do take our food seriously.  We have a large veggie garden that we have worked very hard at creating, maintaining, and protecting from said critters.

Additionally, we enjoy the bounty from our herb spiral.

We also raise and butcher our own sheep and chickens for eggs and meat, and we enjoy good, hormone and chemical-free food. 

It doesn't get more 'free range' or 'organic' than wild, right?    

Basically, we live on 79 acres, but our homestead is on just a few of those acres.  The dogs usually keep most pests and predators away from the house and garden, but sometimes a jackrabbit gets an idea in its little head that he is Peter Rabbit and we are Farmer McGregor, and he'll fill his belly in our garden.  That's when the story diverges from the fairy tale.  

You see, we have a 14 year old boy who is a crack shot with a .22.

This is how the story ends in the real a pot of rabbit stew. 

I slow-cooked the rabbit overnight in red wine, dried onion, a bay leaf, and some celery seeds. The next day, I removed the carcass, took the meat off the bones, and returned it to the pot with lots of organic veggies and mushrooms (and parsnips...mmmmm), crisp bacon, oregano from our herb garden, and some chicken broth.

When it was done, I thickened it with some gluten-free flour, and we enjoyed a wonderful wild rabbit stew!